A Few Relevant Kind Words

“Thanks for your great ideas.”

— Gloria Estefan, Album Liner Notes

“Quite extraordinary. […] I think I’ll e-mail the All4one address to my M.I.T. friend. This should impress even him.”

— Hiawatha Bray, Technology Writer, The Boston Globe

One of the most impressive of these super-search engines is a South Florida creation called All4One. It uses the most impressive implementation of Netscape frames I’ve seen.

— Dan Keating, The Miami Herald

“This is something you must check out!

—  on All4one Search Machine

“I believe John to be an excellent team player. He has a way of focusing his creative energies in a very positive way. His creative use of computer technology and audio showed unusual inventiveness and creativity.”

— Clay Ostwald, Grammy Award Nominated Producer/Arranger

It is passion and his exacting attention to detail make John the consummate professional that he is. His easy-going personality and fearless approach to hard work will be assets that any employer will appreciate.

— Garry I. Jones, Senior V.P., Full Sail Real World Education

More amazing than the things John accomplished [...] were the things he predicted were yet to come. Business to business transactions would be huge. People would interact with the web using their telephone. Auctions and classifieds would be the next big thing. The web, television, radio and other media would converge. Idle computers [...] would earn money working for companies while their owners slept. These things and more John predicted in 1996.

— Efrain Enriquez, Network Specialist, The Sports Authority (Formerly Assistant Managing Director, All4one/CMP Media)

He writes with a clarity, grace and sophistication that places him at the professional level. I think that he would be a real asset to any employer who is looking for a self-starting, agreeable, creative, highly intelligent and highly skilled person. I give him my strongest recommendation.

— Leslie Tannenbaum, Associate Professor, Ohio State University

I can attest to the versatility and competence of Mr. Haag’s work, and to his being well informed of web-related developments. He becomes deeply involved in projects and commits a lot of personal energy to them. His contributions are informed and innovative, and he generates ideas as well as sees them through to practice.

— Dr. Richard Widdows, Chair, OSU College of Human Ecology


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